U Know UR Getting Old When…

U use txtspk ironically (at best)… or you don’t understand it (at worst).

You can’t get to grips with modern technology… or you don’t want to get to grips with modern technology. You miss how things used to be done. You miss your vinyl, your tapes, even your CDs; and even though you can see the practical benefits of MP3s, downloads, etc, it’s just not the same.

You start to become a nostalgia junkie. More than 50% of your brainspace is now taken up with memories, and you yearn for all aspects of how things used to be – even the bad stuff.

You commence a desperate journey to relive your childhood pleasures. You start to seek out music, films, places, people, books and computer games you once knew – via the Internet, Facebook, iTunes, etc, if you aren’t yet that old.

Youths make you feel nervous… even if they are perfectly nice, quiet, polite youths.

People in their twenties look like teenagers… and 50/60-year olds don’t look nearly as ancient as they once did.

Getting drunk is losing its appeal. Is a day of feeling sick, knackered and nursing a headache-from-Hell worth a few hours of expensive, possibly painful “fun”?

Going to the cinema is losing its appeal. “Why can’t those young folk just keep quiet?!” – “What’s the point of going to see a film if you are just going to talk all the way through it?!” – “I’m complaining to the management!” – etc.

You realize that complaining to the management of a cinema is pointless because they are just too young to care. Similarly re the supermarket, Boots, the train station, etc.

You’d rather be comfortable than fashionable – because the world’s not a fashion parade, you know!

You say, “In my day…” with not a trace of irony… :|!


4 comments on “U Know UR Getting Old When…

  1. M says:

    When I was a lad you could look back on the good old days and remember nostalgia the way it used to be!

  2. flandrumhill says:

    Sadly enough it’s all so true. As young people we all think we’re so unique, yet isn’t it odd how we become more and more similar to one another as we age?

  3. pepsoid says:

    Yes but… “As young people we all *THINK* we’re so unique”… yet perhaps as we continue along the path of life, we realise we aren’t, while at the same time becoming “more” unique?

    (PS. for all the logicians out there, yes, I am perfectly aware it is impossible to become “more” unique… hence the quotes! (perhaps it would be more accurate to say “we get closer and closer to the (ultimately unachievable) goal of UNIQUENESS”…))

    (PPS. actually, in a literal sense, it is probably true to say that human beings (and in fact every life form (and in fact every object in existence)) is UNIQUE – but some things, people, etc, seem “more unique” that others… Gaahhh!!! I am tying myself up in increasingly more entangled knots of logic! (“logicalness”? “Logicality”?))

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