Grrr!-moment #1 : Hanging Around in Doorways

Just walk through or get out of the way! What’s so difficult about that?!

Grrr… 😐


2 comments on “Grrr!-moment #1 : Hanging Around in Doorways

  1. M says:


    Having a look around at the top (or bottom) of an escalator while people pile up behind you!

    Stopping dead in the street right in front of me and bending down to tie your shoelace!

    Those trolley case things that all businessmen have these days that they pull behind them, seemingly unaware of their existence…or at least not as aware as I am when I trip over it because they’ve just crossed my path and stopped, thinking that because they were out of my way, so was the stupid case…it wasn’t!

    It all boils down to a steadily diminishing sense of spatial awareness. I’ve noticed its decline for some years now so I often make a point of bumping into people who display these tendencies just to prove that there are other people in existence besides themselves!!!

    I second your Grrr!!

  2. pepsoid says:

    “…a steadily diminishing sense of spatial awareness…”

    – I think you may have given me the title for my next blog piece! 😉

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