Normal Service

I haven’t blogged for a while. As you might have noticed. I thought it was about time I did…

It really has been a while!

Things have changed quite a bit since I last blogged. For me, that is – the world has pretty much stayed the same. I was made redundant. My daughter is on the brink of running. And speaking of “running,” I am working on getting my writing career “up and…” – erm, running, that is. I have decided, as far as office-work is concerned, as far as spending my days doing boring old accountancy-type-stuff is concerned… that… that’s that! Well, we shall see how it goes, but I’m feeling positive about it all at the moment. I have created a decent-looking Writing CV, during the process of which I realised I have done more than I thought I had done (write-ingly speaking), I’m getting myself registered on freelancer websites and what-have-you, and I am pretty much ready to start bidding for jobs…

And I can hardly start putting myself out there as “A Writer” without resuming my frequent bloggery, can I?

So consider this my Getting Back to Blogging piece!

Or my Taking the First Steps Into Properwritersville piece!

Or something.


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