Enough of the Poncey, Intense, Pugnacious TV Chefs!

… and the intense, over-emotional, my-life-depends-on-it reality TV shows!


6 comments on “Enough of the Poncey, Intense, Pugnacious TV Chefs!

  1. M says:

    Don’t get me started…oh, hang on…I’ve started…

    There’s very little I hate more than people who refuse to believe they have no talent while inflicting themselves on the rest of us. And then, when told of their lack of ability, insist that it’s us who are wrong and ‘we’ll see’.

    This is all part of the whole ‘broken society’ issue – Unrealistic aspirations, unwillingness to work for success, unwarranted expectations of ‘respect’ etc. Too many people want things handed to them on a plate. Too many people think it’s their right to become popstars or whatever just because they ‘really, really want it so bad and if it doesn’t happen I don’t know what i’m going to do I think my life will just end, it might as well because this IS my life, this is all I’ve ever wanted since the day I was born’.

    And another part of the problem is that nobody is willing to tell these people that they’re rubbish because we don’t want to offend anyone. Right, so, instead of offending one person by waking them up to a few home truths about themselves and ultimately improving their life, giving them a more realistic outlook on things and helping them towards attainable goals, the rest of us have to put up with (and be offended by) their whining.

    I mean, I’m all for someone having dreams and all, but you have to put a bit of effort in to make them come true. You can’t just go on a TV show and expect miracles to happen…especially if you’re no good.

    As someone who has tried to make some sort of headway in the music business at various points in my life, all this X-Factor, Britain’s Got Talent, this, that and the other makes me really angry…

    Of course, we could just watch something else.

    You know, I would be quite happy to watch that sort of thing if it was more honest. For instance, maybe in one series there was no winner…because no-one was good enough…everyone went home upset and disappointed…good! In the meantime, we all get to watch some funny auditions, some over-inflated egos being popped and plenty of on-screen realisations about the true nature of life.

    Also…Big Brother. It’s about time they got serious with that show. Stick 10 people in the house with no food, only cold water, really bright spotlights 24 hours a day (I refuse to use the phrase 24/7), constant white noise piped in through the speakers, only 7 beds and 5 blankets, penknives and a hungry lion in the garden. Now that, I’d watch!


    I’ve finished now.

    • pepsoid says:

      But also…

      The really annoying thing is that people who shout loudest, stab backs, go around being 2-faced, obnoxious, etc, often *do* get the things they want (or at least the things they think, at the time, they want) in life, but people with real genuine talent but are “nice” and a bit quiet about it are often… well… unheard.

      How long do you reckon society has been “broken” then? Was it ever in a state of “fixed”-ness? Of course, Thatch and her cronies certainly didn’t help, with her whole “There’s no such thing as society” and such nonsense. I mean, it’s kind of true in a way, in that society is just composed of a load of individuals with individual aspirations, but wouldn’t it be a whole lot better for everyone if we all just thought of others a bit more? So obvious, and yet sadly so evidently lacking!

      One could say (not that I would) that all this reality TV and what-have-you is “harmless entertainment”… but it isn’t! It’s such a big, pervasive part of 21st century society, which encourages meanness, selfishness, “looking out for number one,” the false idolisation of the wealthy, the idea that “working hard” is such a virtue irrespective of what you are “working hard” at (e.g. making yourself pointlessly famous for its own sake) and things. How about some “reality TV” about people who are just nice to each other? You know, because that’s the right way to be, rather than to win some cash or a job in Sir Alan Sugar’s company (!?WHY!?))… although I suppose that wouldn’t make for very dramatic TV… and it would probably be presented by Esther Rantzen, which isn’t a very attractive proposition…


      All you need is love!

      And such.

      But I do like your Big Brother idea… πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚

      (isn’t there a film out along those lines?)

  2. M says:

    It’s the old ‘nice guys never win’ thing. Gone are the days when talent alone was enough to help you get on in life. Now you need to be a businessman (or woman), publicist, marketing manager and accountant all in one. Either that or just plain arrogant – which is more often the case.

    But there are some good reality-type programs out there – usually in documentary format and only very loosely, if at all, related to the talent show based garbage with which ITV (and increasingly, sadly, the BBC) fills its schedules. There was a great one the other night; I Swear I Can’t Help It – the third in a series dating back to the mid ’80s following a boy growing up with Tourette’s. Obviously there were some incredibly funny moments, but it was also very interesting and quite moving in places. If it’s still on iPlayer, I recommend you check it out.

    But make sure you’re not drinking tea while watching or you’re likely to spray it everywhere at various points in the film…

    As for the origins of our ‘broken society’… I think it’s all too easy to blame Thatcher… so, let’s blame Thatcher.

    • pepsoid says:

      OK… Thatcher’s to blame!

      Re your first paragraph, I am, as it happens, presently reading a Lennon biog, in which it seems (although it’s not been explicitly stated) that a big factor in the collapse of The Beatles (apart from Yoko Ono (or rather John’s relationship with)) was the intrusion of, as Mr L would have it, “Men in Suits” – i.e. businessmen, publicists, marketing managers, accountants, etc…

      Sad! 😦

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