Money is Not a Force of Nature!

I’m no economist, but I feel I’m right on this one. We, the plebs, are made to feel (and are, sadly, largely convinced) that financial crises – recessions and so on – just happen. Like the weather, our national economy is largely unpredictable, uncontrollable and when something bad, even disastrous, happens, we should all pull together, pull in our belts and accept that sacrifices have to be made in order to Fix Things. Because, you know, no one is really to blame, and those who are should be forgiven, compensated even, because they were just doing what was expected of them as warriors in the Grand Inevitable Capitalist System. Hell, these people are heroes! We should give them medals! What we obviously shouldn’t do is single out the people and organisations who gamble with our money, our families, our lives, and make them personally pay for making a mess of things…


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