Karl Pilkington

On ‘Christ the Redeemer’ (Rio de Janeiro)…

“I’m pretty sure if it was plonked on a roundabout in Stretford, next to the Arndale Centre, it wouldn’t get a look in.”

Why is this man painted as being an idiot? He is wise! He is wiser than wise! He exudes wisdom!

The above comment, as one of many similar ones in the book, An Idiot Abroad, demonstrates his innate, instinctive understanding of the value of context in art.

How can we doubt this man’s genius?!

* * *

The further I get ino the book, the wiser I deem him to be…

* * *

Is ‘wise’ the right word? Perhaps not… or perhaps we need to redefine ‘wise’…

Karl Pilkington is refreshingly down-to-earth. He refuses to be awed by anything. He won’t like something just because people say he should – not Ricky Gervais or Stephen Merchant or anyone else in the world. He likes what he likes. He may try new things or he may not, but if he doesn’t fancy ‘cricket-on-a-stick’ or running around with a papier mache bull stuff with fireworks strapped to his head, he won’t try it anyway ‘just for the experience.’

And what’s wrong with that?

Gervaise and Merchant call him an ‘idiot’… but what is idiotic about thinking the so-called ‘Wonders of the World’ are just ‘the icing on the cake,’ where the icing isn’t even the best bit, but just what attracts you to the rest of the cake, which rarely lives up to the promise of the icing…? A pessimistic view perhaps, but I can’t fault his logic.

As I approach the last few pages of An Idiot Abroad, I am coming away from this book with one overriding sentiment…

Leave this ‘idiot’ alone!


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