I Don’t Subscribe to Coincidence

On Saturday I took my little girl, Talise, to the park, during which time a little boy on the swing next to Talise informed his dad it was “Opposite Day,” so when the little boy say, “Lower!” his dad had to push him higher… That same evening my partner, Jo, and I started to watch the film, “The A-Team,” in which, at 7m01s, B.A. Baracus, who is being van-jacked by Colonel Hannibal Smith, says, “What is this, opposite day?”… I stopped the film at this point to comment to Jo what an interesting “coincidence” this was… A little later in the film (8m14s), after the aforementioned characters discover that they are both (ex-) Army Rangers, Hannibal says, “I don’t subscribe to coincidence, Corporal. I believe that, no matter how random things might appear, there’s still a plan.”

A couple of days or so ago, I read a hand-made book my dad and his partner, Sue, bought for Talise for Christmas, in which, at the back, is the quote…

Everything you can imagine is real

This very same quote was the topic of today’s assembly at the school where I work!

The book I am presently reading, Stephen King’s “The Dark Tower 3: The Waste Lands,” has a very strong theme of destiny and fate running through it, which heightens the subjective poignance of above such occurrences.

Regarding the school assembly, the teacher leading such opened by mentioning that she Googled the phrase, “Everything you can imagine is real.” She said the first thing she got was a picture by Pablo Picasso. She then went on to talk about things that were being and had been invented, on account of the inventor “imaging” and then “making real” his inventions. I’m thinking that the Picasso picture was probably this one, which I shall end this blog entry on, perhaps for further contemplation later…


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