Hubby Buys House!

On last night’s The Restoration Man, the housewife of the builder who surprised her with his purchase of Bath Lodge in Ormskirk and plans to restore such was very supportive of his plans. It seems that she was, after all, used to him coming home and announcing that he had “bought a house.” I sort of let this one go with a pursing of the lips and a “hmm” – the housewife did, after all, truly seem to support her impulsive hubby (as much as one can judge such things on a TV show). What further rankled my sensibilities (*), however, was the discovery towards the end of the show that, although said housewife had been tasked with “doing the curtains and carpets,” said hubby had refused to buy her a new sewing machine – despite the fact that he had just spent, without consultation of wife or family, £300K on a gothic revival folly!

On the one hand, who am I to judge the dynamics of a marriage/family of whom I only know anything about because of a 60 (less with adverts) minute TV show? On the other hand…

How can people still live like this?! How can there still be people who think it is okay for the man to go out and “bring home the bacon,” while wifey stays at home looking after the kids and the house, and for said man to have total control over the purse strings? Is there no conception of the economic value of housewifery? Or the fact that said hubby would not be able to go out and “bring home the bacon” if said housewife was not at home looking after his kids and house?

It’s positively feudal!

* * *

* I’m not sure if “rankled my sensibilities” is a phrase which technically makes any kind of sense, but I like how it sounds and this is my blog.


2 comments on “Hubby Buys House!

  1. Silent bob says:

    good also be that the husband bought the house via his business which he runs?
    thus has nothing to do with his wife. In fact could be seen as a gift

  2. pepsoid says:

    Though I welcome your comment, Silent bob… I think not!

    I recall no mention of a “business” in the programme.

    When a husband makes such a monumental purchase, I fail to see how it can be “nothing to do with his wife.”

    A “gift”?! Which she didn’t ask for or particularly want? And which precluded her having a much cheaper thing which she did want? Hmm…

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