Sanex Dermo Sensitive Lactoserum

– aka The Sciencification of Stuff

– implies sanitary, clinically clean, etc.

– refers to the skin – but in a sciency way, thus giving it more kudos.

– is the only proper normal English word – but cunningly sandwiched between the sciency words, thus imbuing greater believability; “this really is good for sensitive skin!”

– what the @!?* is lactoserum?! Okay let’s break it down…
Lacto seems to refer to lactose, a sugar found in milk, and since milk is full of all kinds of good stuff, it must be good for you.
Serum has five definitions in…
1. the clear, pale-yellow liquid that separates from the clot in the coagulation of blood; blood serum.
2. immune serum.
3. any watery animal fluid.
4. the thin, clear part of the fluid of plants.
5. milk whey.
…so with the previous milky reference, do they mean the 5th? Maybe an email to Sanex is order!

* * *

Email sent! Awaiting response…


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