Sounds Better in Tesco Express

…sounds like the name of a song itself, but I am referring to the song, Shrimp, by Mr Scruff. Not heard of them? Not surprising. I hadn’t until my brother recently introduced me to them (thanks bro’!), in particular their album, Trouser Jazz, which contains the above song. Unsurprisingly the genre of Mr Scruff is jazz, but quite a commercial, dancey jazz, if that particular label puts you off. And if you are a diehard jazz fan, who is put off by the word “commercial” and/or “dancey,” then, well, you probably won’t like Mr Scruff… but you might like Mr Bungle! If, that is, you like the sound of a jazz-metal-techno-various-other-things fusion. No? Oh well stick with your Bruno Mars or whatever then…


PS. Mr Bungle was also introduced to me by my brother – thanks again bro’!


PPS. Mr Scruff’s Shrimp does sound better in Tesco Express. It’s the acoustics!


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