Dark Genius/Light Fluff

As I’m listening to The Charlatans’ You Cross My Path album for the first time, I’m thinking, ooh they’ve got a bit dark. Which, although I can’t deny I thought it, is a pretty inaccurate observation, since the album isn’t that dark and The Charlatans weren’t that light in the first place. But the thought led to other thoughts…

I’ve been listening to quite a bit of Nine Inch Nails lately – very dark. And also Depeche Mode, Mr Bungle, Nirvana and Nickleback, which also have tendencies towards darkness. I like dark music. It makes me feel happy. Light and fluffy music has a tendency to make me feel sad and depressed. I’m not a goth. I’m not an emo – not really sure what one of them is. I just like dark music. Always have. Does listening to dark, melancholy, rage-filled music serve to highlight the good in the world? Probably something like that.

Just listened to The Charlatans’ My Name is Despair. Okay, maybe they have gone a bit dark.


2 comments on “Dark Genius/Light Fluff

  1. Hey, have you been raiding my CD collection?

    Honestly, I couldn’t agree with you more. I loved most of these bands before they were “cool.” I guess I just relate to the dark better than the light.

    Miss D

  2. pepsoid says:

    Hey, Demure, welcome back to WordPress! 😉

    So which of these bands in particular are you a fan of? I’ve always loved NiN, but have got back into them since I’ve started listening to The Fragile and The Slip on my phone on the way to work. I got rid of my old tapes a while back, so want to rebuild my NiN collection on CD/mp3!

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