In Chains

I’ve been writing quite a bit about Nine Inch Nails and its offshoots just lately – and to be honest, that’s all I’ve recently wanted to listen to on my mobile phone on the way to and from work. This morning, however, I thought I’d have a break and give Depeche Mode’s Sounds of the Universe album another go. I say “another go,” as I’ve so far listened to it just once, and I thought, Hmm, yeah, it’s quite good, but not that good. I may revise that opinion!

As I now write, I’m listening to the third track on the album, Wrong. Classic Mode! No, not “classic,” it’s better than that. Like all the best Mode, Wrong is bluesy, intense and makes the best use of Gahan‘s gravelly, baritone vocals – no, his vocals aren’t always “gravelly,” but I tend to think it’s best when they are.

So why, when I’ve just been extolling the delights of Wrong, is this piece called ‘In Chains’? And what’s with the photo? One question at a time, please! So… In Chains is the first track on Sounds of the Universe, also great, also bluesy and intense, similarly the second track, Hole to Feed. A couple more tracks in and I’m rediscovering Sounds of the Universe and remembering why, in my youth (ish), I loved Depeche Mode.

So what’s with the photo? Here comes the segue…


As well as rediscovering NiN, DM and my love for great music, I have also been loosely following Occupy Wall Street. I was going to write a piece on this topic, entitled, ‘Occupy the World,’ but that seemed a bit of a cliché, and since I was listening to DM at the time of thinking about such, I considered it cooler to refer to a DM song – the one I was listening to as I was thinking about Occupy Wall Street, in fact. Because…

99% of us are “in chains” (God, that was a hard segue to work in).

99% of us feel the injustice imposed by the 1%.

“99%” refers officially to Americans, but if you doubt that a similar statistic refers to the rest of the world, look at these pics:

This is big!

Now it could all just fizzle out and not much become of it, but if it looks like a revolution and smells like a revolution…

Just imagine!

All the people!

Living in harmony!

Or something.

Or all least imagine all the people at the top being forced to listen.

Imagine the pyramid collapsing to rubble around us.

A scary thought.

An exciting thought.


2 comments on “In Chains

  1. I’m glad you posted this. I hope it is the beginning of a revolution. I’ve watch the middle class take one crushing blow after another while the rich get richer and richer and richer. I’m not saying all the wealthy are evil, greedy people. However, far too many corporations are. Its a bit of mob mentality in action. Basically good people will do things as part of a group that they would never do individually.

    History has demonstrated over and over that when the gap between the rich and the working class gets too wide, revolution surely follows. The middle class is rather like the dog whose master kicks it everyday. Eventually, the dog is going to bite someone.

    I say its time to make our voice heard and the Occupy movement is doing it in a non-violent way that is to be commended. My fear is that we will not be listened to. Should things not start changing, the dog is going to bite and it won’t be pretty.


  2. pepsoid says:

    It’s that “it won’t be pretty” part that scares me. As a parent of a young, vulnerable child, what I want most of all is for her to grow up feeling safe and secure – and of course happy. Whatever the merits of a possible “revolution,” history tells us that they are rarely “pretty.” The socially conscious, justice-craving part of me, however, really wants to believe that a revolution, of some sort, will occur. For all of my adult life and beyond, I have felt that “there could be a better way,” but it has seemed that most of the population of the western world (at least) have been far too indoctrinated in the ways of modern western capitalism, and a significantly different and significantly better way has been inconceivable. Occupy Wall Street has suggested a possible shift in this popular consciousness and that 99% of the (American at least) population believe that things really could be different. Let’s see how it pans out… and hope that if a revolution happens, it does so in the most peaceful way possible…

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