Make more lists? Or worry less about the things you make lists about?

But how to not worry? Not all problems are soluble, but not all problems are problems, and even those that are do not all need expending energy to solve.


But how to just “chill”? Empty the mind? Is that even possible? Won’t there always be a residue? A niggling residue, that could become all that you see…

Okay, I’m really not an obsessive worrier – but I do have a tendency to “obsess” about things which don’t merit obsessing.

The volume control on my phone headset isn’t working! It used to work. It might’ve righted itself since I switched my phone on and off yesterday (I’ve not had chance to check yet) – but when I did switch my phone on and off, it took several goes to switch it back on; in fact it only did so after I had removed the back and cleared out some of the accumulated dusty gunk… so that seemed to be it… but I’ll see if it’s fixed the headset problem… and if not, well I think it’s stuck on a high enough volume… but I want it to work, dammit! But…


Don’t stress over your phone!

It mostly works fine… and, well, isn’t it just part of modern life, dealing with the quirks of modern technology?

It is.

And part of me accepts that.

But part of me…

Just wants things to work properly! All the time! I know that’s unreasonable and unrealistic and just not gonna happen, but what’s wrong with striving for perfection? Well there’s a difference between striving for perfection and being a perfectionist…

“Striving for perfection”?

Can you say OCD?

Meditate more, perhaps.

Just stop (for a bit), do nothing, nothing at all, and stress ye not about any thoughts which float “like passing clouds” (I think Billy Connolly used this metaphor) through your mind. And accept your imperfection. And the imperfection of life. And think less.

Yes that’s it, less thinking! Because only a (relatively) inactive mind can be a “chilled” mind.

Or something.


3 comments on “Chill!

  1. Can’t help you on this one. I’ve never been able to “quiet” the chaos in my head. As soon as I manage to get clear of one obsession another is right behind it to that its place. I love yoga and its about the closest I get to “chilling.” Even during yoga, I’m obsessing with getting the pose right and did I lock the car and is the electric bill due. Never stops. I sure can relate though. A little quiet time would be lovely.

    Oh yeah, I’m a list maker too.

  2. pepsoid says:

    Just realised I said “Mediate more,” rather than “Meditate more” – I’m sure that wouldn’t help reduce the stress! Corrected now…

    I think it’s a hazard of the writing trade (because you and I are, of course, writers) that we think a lot. And whenever we have “significant” thoughts, we set to wondering how to blog them… or whatever.

    Do you find lists help? They are, of course, necessary at times, but I too often find that I just end up obsessing over not having done the things on my list. But then if I don’t have a list, I don’t know what needs doing, which can also be a source of stress/obsession – or perhaps one could say “obstression”?

    Anyway, off to mediate… um, I mean meditate…

  3. pepsoid says:

    Well the phone headset has fixed itself… NiN’s Year Zero sounds so much better! And that’s one thing off the list… 🙂

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