“Turn a niggle into a giggle”

Such was the wisdom of Granny Murray on Me Too this morning. I may be paraphrasing, but it was something like that. I need that wisdom now. I’m feeling niggled! First day back after half term, waiting for train, which is so far 24 mins late, I got here early to buy a weekly pass, but ticket office is closed, so I can’t do that, not sure if I can buy one on the train, so might not be able to save £1.90 this week, so feeling… niggled!

Turn a niggle into a giggle…

Okay Granny Murray, here goes…

I’m listening to a new (to me) Nine Inch Nails album – the marvellously wonderful Year Zero. Not so much a source of giggles – such things are generally not induced by NiN – but certainly a source of happiness for me.

I’m near finishing Dean Koontz‘s The Good Guy, which has been enjoyable, then I will commence the reading of the finale of King’s Dark Tower series. Again, little by way of actual giggles, but a definite source of pleasure for me.

God, I’m loving Year Zero! So strange and un-NiN-like in places, but beautiful for that.

Nine Inch Nails, beautiful? Dammit, yes, I will use that word!


The end of YZ‘s last track, Zero-Sum, has a sound like a train approaching a station! Mini-internal-giggle inducement… 🙂


There are also one or two other reasons for me to be happy, which I’m keeping mostly secret for now.

Feeling more cheerful!

I am reminded of an old series of blog entries…

The Zen of…

…which had an underlying theme of appreciating when the normal is disrupted. Normal can be good, comforting and such things.

I got survivalism!

Sorry, had to just interject with a NiN-quote there.

So normal can be the above, it’s disruption can also be welcomed. Abnormal can be a source of creation – in thought, in perspective – and a rejigging of viewpoint. Look around…

When a train is late, observe the expressions…

Do you reflect them or swim against the tide?

Go with the flow if it’s flowing somewhere that will enhance your life… or else fight it! With a smile! Even a manic grin! (perhaps an internal manic grin if you are standing on a platform full of people)

Ho hum, train’s here now… Think I’ll finish The Good Guy


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