Finishing With Rain, Starting With Rock & Roll

MP3s on shuffle.

Last song yesterday: Il Pleure (At The Turn Of The Century) by The Art of Noise – from the album, The Seduction Of Claude Debussy.

First song today: Rock & Roll by Led Zeppelin.

It was raining yesterday. Il Pleure. Actually, not entirely sure about the spelling. No matter, it’s the thought that counts. French for “It is raining,” non? And still raining today.

But start the day with rock & roll!

Cool… 🙂

“F**ck the rain!” and such sentiments.

But what’s the point?

Well, any blogger might tell you there’s not always a point to his/her ramblings. And yet there’s always a point.

The point I intended to make was about randomness.

“Life on shuffle.”

And such sentiments.

I’m not listening to every song my MP3 shuffle throws at me, but the process is bringing to the fore of my memory songs I’d forgotten about. Or kinda.

Nine Inch NailsVessel followed by The Rolling Stones’ Casino Boogie. Come on! Rock and Roll! But of very different forms! And such!

“Life on shuffle.”

So what am I on about then? I mean, we can’t live our lives in a different order… or maybe (in a sense) we can… but that’s not really the point…

Shuffling my MP3s is injecting randomness. An element of uncertainty. And seeing what happens. What happens? I rediscover! I find what was lost! What I didn’t even know was lost. Or what I knew was there, but forgot its joy, its poignance – its aural loveliness!

“Shuffle the world.”

Now that’d be a thing…


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