One Ear Listening

one ear

It’s the thing!

So it seems.

I understand, they want to listen to their choons while listening to their friends or just to whatever else is going on around them or whatever.

But how can they stand it?

Stereo was invented for a reason!

And it seems to me like forcibly creating conditions akin to needing one’s ear syringing, where said ear is completely blocked and useless due to being full of oil which one has squirted in to loosen the wax prior to syringing, not to mention the additional blockage of the cotton wool, used as a plug to keep the oil from leaking out.

But, you know, it is, as I say, seemingly, the thing, and who am I to question such things? So I shall immediately cease doing so and resume the listening of my own choons as nature intended – with two ears, goddammit!

two ears


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