24 Seconds to Spare

I had to stop and take this blurry pic of Andrew’s Discarded Sandwich.

I was, as a consequence, almost late for the train.

I got to the station with 24 Seconds to Spare, only after power-walking the rest of the way.

Why was Andrew’s Discarded Sandwich so important to me?

Why did I risk being late for work in order to record this momentary luncheonary tableaux?

Well there’s your answer really…

Andrew’s Discarded Sandwich symbolises… something. Only I’m not entirely sure what. Not yet. So I took the pic so I could mull and reflect.

Andrew is a schoolboy who loves his mum, but she makes him godawful sandwiches – egg on some days, tuna on others – which stink out the dinner hall, causing endless shameful embarrassment, necessitating the discarding of such on the way to school, then the purchasing of chips in the dinner hall – a far more acceptable and pleasantly odoured option – this being a considerably preferable choice to telling his mum that the sandwiches she makes him are godawful and don’t even make it as far as the school gates.

Or perhaps Andrew is a full grown man who works in an office, who dearly loves his wife, but can’t bring himself to tell her that the sandwiches she makes him… etc.

I have a strong feeling, however, that Andrew is a government agent, whose public persona is an MOD paper shuffler, but who actually works in a top secret bunker beneath a school in Kidderminster, tracking close proximity UFOs in the Ionosphere, whose beloved and ever-supportive wife makes him godawful sandwiches… etc.

Or perhaps the sandwiches just fell out of Andrew’s bag.

Leaving him lunchless and starving come 3pm.

And without any nearby shops or beneficent colleagues or fellow pupils, his highly inefficient stomach shrinks to the size of a pea, leaving him henceforth unable to eat more than a single item of said legume in a sitting, this drastic reduction in his sensory experience leaving him feeling disconnected and without a sense of place in the world.

Either way, Andrew’s Discarded Sandwich is a symbol of loss, rejection, shame and misplaced identity.


3 comments on “24 Seconds to Spare

  1. […] Andrew’s Discarded Sandwich is gone. I feel melancholy. Sadness feels the space. […]

  2. Well, I’d say you covered all of the contingencies, but I’m hoping for the “MOD paper shuffler.” It’s ever so much more interesting to think that’s the sandwich owner and his poor wife is ignorant of both the godawfulness of her culinary skills and the truth of her spouse’s employment.

    Do try not to miss your train. I’m not sure your superiors would appreciate the import of Andrew’s sandwich.

  3. pepsoid says:

    In truth, if I missed the 7:56, I would then wait for the 8:23, which, as long as it wasn’t late, would just about get me to work on time – but best not to mention this, as it does detract from the import of the sandwich situation…

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