19 Seconds to Spare

Can I say 19 seconds when the train was 2 minutes late?

It’s like quantum uncertainty.

Don’t make me explain how.

Andrew’s Discarded Sandwich is gone. I feel melancholy. Sadness fills the space.

It was a sandwich!

But it was more than a sandwich.

The symbol of loss is lost. Waveforms collapse. This is not a mathematical equation, but the destruction of a remnant. When a remnant remains, a remnant remains. The remnant is gone. Emptiness remains.

But rejoice!

See the detritus? See what the sandwich obscured? The twigs? The little blue thing? And behold, what is that bright shining brick at the top? Tiz a bright shining brick of potential!

Where there was hopelessness, there is hope.

Where there was rejection, there is acceptance.

Nothing is no-thing.

There is always a spark.

The sandwich is dead.

Long live the sandwich!


2 comments on “19 Seconds to Spare

  1. You are really obsessed with this sandwich. 🙂

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