Diary 6 Dec 11 – 21 Dec 11


Properly frosty this morning.

Nearly late for the train again – 40s to spare! Or would have been if it hadn’t been 2m late, which seems to be becoming the norm. Should this bother me? Well… yesterday was yesterday, today is today and tomorrow is just an idea.

I can’t listen to anything but Nine Inch Nails!

I can’t make out most of the lyrics of Zero-Sum, but for something like the following…

Shame on us
God have mercy on us!
For all we have done
We’re just zeroes and ones

But I would like to reinterpret this as something like…

Shame on us
God have mercy on us!
For we have become
Zeroes and ones

… as this makes a bit more sense.


The Social Network is getting more interesting.


Windy night. By which I don’t mean to say I was Mr Trump Trumperson of Trumpsville. Not the best night to have forgotten to close my little girl’s window vent.

What can you do on a computer without the internet?

The free memory on my laptop is increasing!


5s to spare!

Diving thru the doors as they close!

A bit close for comfort, this one…

… tho I can’t deny the thrill! 🙂


With a slip or two of the thumb I nearly wrote…

A bit close for fondue

… rather than…

A bit close for comfort

– altho I can’t seem to replicate it (odd).

Also my phone preferred cardigans to abseiling – well…


A bit wet and windy but otherwise quite mild.

“There’s no stairs and it’s all spread out like that!” – sayeth my daughter upon waking, coming out of her room and noticing our lovely new ‘stairless’ bungalow.

42s to spare.

Ripe (With Decay) by Nine Inch Nails is a brilliant piece of atmospheric instrumentalism!


DD (‘Darling Daughter,’ in Bounty speak) slept over 12 hours last night! Brill! Which means I got over 8 hours, which is also brill. And should give me the energy I need to cover a whole day in the absence of my teacher.

1m13s to spare – seems like a luxurious amount of time! And after strolling ever so gently-ish the slightly longer way to the train station – ie around the muddy field rather than through it. And then strolling with casual aplomb up the platform before the train arrives. Just call me the flaneur.


Adapt to survive – to paraphrase the Darwinian principal. A week at our new bungalow and I’ve more or less settled on a morningtime arrangement of my things – ‘my things’ being the TV remotes, my phone, my book, my laptop, my cup of coffee, my bowl of cereal… and this morning, my pack of tissues. The cereal + coffee go on the little pink stool that has become a sort of ad hoc coffee table (appropriately), which, being quite small, can go by the right-hand corner of the cream leather sofa and not block the way too much. I did try putting the laptop on the little pink stool, but this made it a bit too close to the fire, so the laptop now goes on the little green table/stool/footrest with a place mat on it (to stop things sliding off) – which is also a better position for the laptop as it is closer to the power source. I presently have all the other things (phone, TV remotes, tissues) on the big red fluffy cushion to the left of me on the cream leather sofa, but these could, at a push, join the laptop (when it is not on my lap) on the little green table/stool/footrest with a place mat on it, or one or two things (e.g. the book and the tissues) could go on the little pink stool once the cereal bowl and coffee cup, once contents therein are consumed, are cleared away.

And so we settle in.

That said, I am feeling a bit achy and flue-y this morning and could do with rotating the mattress to facilitate better sleep.

Rotating the mattress made not a jot of difference… 😦 My side of the mattress is just completed buggered, so to quote an alternate version of Phil Collins…

New Mattress Required

Being the skate pro that I am, I couldn’t help but think, while watching this morning’s Boblins on CITV, that there was a fundamental error in the design of the HyperSkate 5000, as invented by one of the characters – to whit, the foot straps. Being an aficionado of the Tony Hawk’s PlayStation 2 skateboarding games, I am aware that the performance of a number of tricks involves the leaving of the skateboard by the feet. So although the rockets on the HyperSkate 5000 would increase velocity and the foot straps would be useful for what one might call ‘sticky feet tricks’ (you can borrow that term if you want, sk8r dudes), I would suggest that the net effect of the HyperSkate 5000 would actually be to inhibit one’s skating prowess.

Not feeling quite so sniffly and flue-y this morning, thank the Buddha, despite the knackered mattress. I would like to say thank you, also, to Darling Daughter, for getting nearly 12 hours sleep! 🙂

Imagine if, as on this morning’s Special Age on CITV, we lived in a world where there really was a special agent who did things like help children learn how to swing on a swing… what a world that would be!

My laptop’s free memory has increased by another 0.05GB – crazy!


Dream – last night – in Nana & Grandad’s old house, where they had (in the dream) a large food storage room – incl copious quantities of breakfast cereal!

It’s not always easy to see how “everything happens for a reason”… but I suppose it must be true.

Leftfield’s Rhythm and Stealth – 1999 was a good year! 🙂

Do the toes of my left foot curl up more?


I have to say, I do sometimes get a bit annoyed by the story of the tortoise and the hare.

I like my work, but I don’t “whoop with joy when I go to school in the morning” – shut up, Mickey John!

What’s the point of this diary?


But I don’t care! (actually I do, but that’s another story)

I see a chubby man in a peaked khaki woolly hat, with a beard, a khaki and black tassled scarf, a black leather jacket, blue jeans and trainers, a camoflage rucksack at his feet, listening to his mp3 player, playing on his Nintendo DS, and I think… Cool!


I wish a had a sign around my neck saying:

I am not texting, I am blogging/diarising/story-writing

I suppose I could make such a sign.

(wouldn’t be very cool tho)

The limitations of predictive text are a manifestation of the illiteracy of mankind

Puss in Boots in the morning, Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire in the afternoon… with sweets! Remind me why I do this job again?


Do we really need to be told, on a frosty day, that “SURFACES MAY BE SLIPPERY”?


I smell toast!


It’s a flannel day.

Sometimes having a bath is the sweetest thing.

Free memory at 14.19GB.


6.5ft tall and 6.5ft wide – despite an initial bah-humbug moment, I’ve come to love our ‘little’ tree!


Peppa has no knees.

“I am a weapon of massive consumption.” – Lily Allen, The Fear

… what a tragic and beautiful song!

Making ‘The Junk Assassin’ costume at work today.



Free memory at 14.2GB.


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