Diary 1 Jan 12 – 7 Jan 12


I hate fireworks.



Bill Bailey…
‘rolling on the floor laughing yet somehow still typing’



Katy Ashworth in gold leggings playing Aladdin in the 2010 CBeebies Panto. What’s not to like?



Is it any wonder Why’s sounds like Wise?

I’m sure I used to be better at slicing cucumber.



I seem destined to have Internet problems lately. In December 2011 I was completely without a service for several weeks, while we changed our provider to Virgin… and now I can rarely connect to the router wirelessly from the laptop, and when I can the signal is so poor as to make it almost impossible to use. One of my sort-of-resolutions for 2012 is to not get stressed about things which don’t matter that much – and there are ways around me not being able to connect wirelessly to the router from the laptop; e.g. checking emails at work, and using the iMac in the bedroom when I need to do other stuff. Neither of these things are, however, possible, first thing in the morning, when I have most time and most like to do stuff online… but no matter… one must adapt… and such. And Jo said she’ll ring Virgin tomorrow, when Talise is back at kindergarten and she has the mental space to ask the right questions and stuff, so (hopefully) all this will be a non-issue by tomorrow evening. In the meantime… I will not… get stressed.

The above is the reason for the resumption of the diary.
Everything before today has been jotted on my phone and posted retrospectively.
Hopefully this will be a short-lived resumption.

Watched some Tom & Jerry with my little girl this morning. The violence! The horror! But she liked it.

Wii Fit told me I walked with 90-something percent bias on my right foot t’other day. I always knew I was unbalanced… but c’mon!

Weekly train pass gone up by 50p.

Oraculum from The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo soundtrack by Trent Reznor and Atticus Ross – tunage!

Iroquois – what’s that? (thanks, predictive text)

I sort of like writing in this diary format. Feels free. S’pose that’s an advantage of this Internet palaver (see earlier today).

Why doesn’t predictive text know ‘palaver’? C’mon, predictive text!

Taking a greyhound for a walk… seems oddly poignant.

Thank you, T.Reznor, for Sonoio… 🙂

I’m trying to shift my balance to the left – I’m trying!

“These are not the droids you’re looking for.” – Sonoio: Scientist.

One day we won’t have to touch anything.

Yay! Wii Fit age of 34 today! (I’m actually 39, btw)



Enuf wind already!

I love a song in alternating 5:4/6:4 time… 🙂

Why does the train station smell fishy?

What’s with all the grey?

Trent is the master of the alternative time signature… 🙂

Blond hair, black leather gloves, black boots. Grey wool coat (mid-length). Dark grey sweater, grey trousers. The Metro beside her, virtually monochrome Nike advert, angry (determined/motivated) man on a bike. Blond hair – a touch of brightness.

Dodging popcorn on the living room floor.

Night night.



Jelly Jam is one weird programme… but I love it! A nice little science fiction-y tale this morning, where one of the characters (sorry, I don’t recall his name), while out jogging and listening to music on his mp3 player, has to figure out why the whole world except him has stopped moving. He eventually makes the connection that the only reason he is still moving is because he has his mp3 player on – it’s to do with the music! In the end, it’s a race against time, as the batteries on his mp3 player are running out, so he has to make it to the Music Factory and restart the music before this happens, otherwise all movement will cease forever. He makes it in time, picks up a bottle of juice off the music-stopping button and music and movement resume… and he is the hero! Wonderful concept, I say…

I can’t see Jane Horrocks these days without thinking of Fifi and Little Princess!

Do Great Aunty from Little Princess and the witch in Ben & Holly’s Little Kingdom have the same voice?

Random imagery from 1970s Generation Game came into my head this morning… then music from Mister Maker… strange head.

Right Where it Belongs brings a tear to my eye – Trent, you manipulator of my emotions!

If you look at your reflection,
Is it all you want it to be?

Are you sure what side of the glass you are on?

You can live in this illusion!
You can choose to believe!

I am still moved by Matrix-y concepts and imagery. What does this say?

Reznor sets strategically placed expletive charges… because you don’t have to fill a structure with bombs to bring it to the ground.



The Abney and Teal episode, The Enormous Neep, is a nice little reinterpretation of the old classic, The Enormous Turnip.

“I don’t like it much – it’s a bit cold and ploppy.” – Abney on mud.

I like Abney and Teal… 🙂

I just did a bit of a skip and a wave – and I’m confident enough of my masculinity to admit it.


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