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the art of tea

6 Jun 07

Occasionally I am overcome by the desire to share my views on the concept and practice of idling with others. I refer, in particular, not to the more passive communiqués of this blog, but to an online forum which I frequent, whose name I shall not mention, but which may be discernible to those who are familiar with my work. Upon the divulgement of my views, I often find myself confronted with resistance, ire and resentment, which are the branches of a tree upon whose roots are carved a phrase which, although not directly spoken, carries a sentiment which is very much in evidence. That phrase being…

The world doesn’t owe you a living, you know.

Well no doubt that is true, but I would counter it with the suggestion that neither do I owe the world a living. I should, it is inferred, be more grateful…

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  1. pepsoid says:

    Please see new comment on original piece…

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