Some Random Thoughts

Man sitting on a train eating a bacon sarnie – evil!

Technology changes us.

Libraries 25 years ago: you took the books to the counter, the librarian took the tickets out of the books, she (most likely) put the tickets in your little ticket-holder-thingy which she kept behind the counter, she stamped the books, she put the little ticket-holder-thingy (now full of tickets) back behind the counter, you took the books and off you went. But what was the little ticket-holder-thingy called? How were the little ticket-holder-thingies arranged behind the counter so that the librarian knew when your books were overdue? How did the librarian let you know your books were overdue (by post, I suspect, and then only when they were overdue enough to have incurred a substantial fine, resulting in a letter that was as much affeared as that from the Inland Revenue or somesuch)? And finally – and I am baffled that I do not just know this – did we have an actual, non-electronic (obviously) library card? I feel that we did, but if so what form did it take? And if not, how did we identify ourselves? I am thinking more and more that we did, but dammit, why can’t I be certain?! … I once worked mornings at Church Stretton Library – I should have the answers… :/


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