Judge Dredd Sleeps 10 Minutes a Day

Ideally every day I would like to…

Watch some good TV – perhaps an episode each of Noel Fielding’s Luxury Comedy, Stella, Outnumbered and a dose of Eastenders.

Watch a good film – uninterrupted – the latest Resident Evil comes to mind (can’t beat a bit of Milla!).

Have a play on each of my games consoles (we have recently become a 3 Console Family… PS2, Wii and DS).

Have a couple of hours reading on a sun lounger.

Spend some quality time with my family.

Do some Facebooking and other mindless internety stuff.

Write a story… and/or a blog entry or sommat.

Get some exercise – a long walk through a wood perhaps.

Listen to some new music.

Spend some time with friends.

Oh and I suppose I’d better fit a day’s work in there somewhere.

Judge Dredd sleeps 10 minutes a day and only has time for judging!


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