‘Great Place to Work’ and Other Stupid Awards

I once worked for a very big company who had been given the award, Great Place to Work (two-thousand-and-something), and I remember thinking at the time, I’ll be buggered if I can remember, in my five years of employment, telling anyone, “Yup, this is a Great Place to Work.” In fact, to the contrary, if my memory serves me correctly, most of the people I came into contact with in my working day considered said workplace to be decidedly not a great place to work. So how do such companies get such awards? And why am I harking back to a place I worked at several years ago? A place whose name I dare not mention, on account of their size and wealth, and the possibility, although slim, that they will hunt me down and litigate the sorry donkey off me?

Well… I have just seen, on the way to my present place of work, a sign on a small shop window, which says, A Great Place to Work 2011. Which kinda reminded me. So then…

Do mythical besuited Nominators of Stupid Awards wander around potential companies for half and hour, and relative to the level of bribery and other enticements they have been recipient of, assess the general atmosphere, and decide that, Yup, Sycophantic Office Supplies Ltd are a Great Place to Work…?

The cynic in me suspects this is pretty close to the truth.


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