The Lady With the Enormous Handbag

It has a ringbinder in it. An item of clothing (grey, crumpled, indiscernable). A large purse-like object. She has just shifted and revealed an Ordnance Survey map. There is something else… something… pale blue. Come on, lady, shift a little more so I can make out the pale blue object! Maybe I can make it out as I get up to leave the train… just a little sideways glance… no, too conspicuous. Not to mention that it is tucked away in a dark and mysterious corner of her Enormous Handbag.

I am off the train now. What could it have been? A phone? Another purse-like object? A Nintendo DS? Why do I care?

What an Enormous Handbag! The kind of thing you would take on a plane with you. Nearly too big to be “hand” luggage, but definitely a “hand”bag. “Definitely” (he says)? What do I know about fashion! No, but it was. It was a handbag. Which begs the question… what defines a “handbag” these days? And, as mentioned earlier, why do I care?

I am a blogger, it is my job to care…


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