Too Much in My Head!

While chopping the fresh pineapple for my little girl’s packed lunch this morning, I had the fast music from Jelly Jamm going round in my head. When it was all chopped and boxed, I gave my two favourite females a kiss, grabbed my coat and bag, and left for work – about two minutes before I would have had to semi-jog to the train station! I was, as you might have discerned, In a Bit of a Rush.

I woke and got out of bed at 0520 h, I left the house at 0748 h for the 0756 h train, arriving at the train station, after a fast walk (but not quite a semi-jog), just after 0754 h. Why (I hear you ask (or would do if you were standing right beside me asking it)) were you rushing? You had nearly two and a half hours to get ready!

Yes I did! And my reasons for the last minute rush are thus…

1. I had to get my breakfast and my daughter’s morning hot milk.

2. Breakfast was consumed, coffee drunk.

3. I wrote and sent an email I forgot to write and send at work yesterday (involving the running of two reports and figuring out how to save them in the right format).

4. Email and Facebook checking was required, the latter involving dealing with four notifications.

5. Blogs required updating: adding a quote to Things I Say and Do by Talise, posting a piece onto The Art of Tea that I had written on my phone yesterday, and starting to find the pics for a pic-based piece on The Progenitor… that’s not even doing any work on the three ongoing ‘projects’ I have on the go!

6. By this time, the missus (Jo) was up, the daughter (Talise) required dressing, the latter which Jo attended to, while I saved files which required saving, shut down the laptop and extracted myself from the sofa.

7. I washed, cleaned teeth, got dressed, packed my bag, wiped the condensation off the windows, did the washing up and…

8. Chopped the pineapple!

You see?


I am not normally in this much of a rush.

I don’t normally have pineapple to chop.

I don’t normally have a work email to write, involving the running of two reports and figuring out how to save them in the right format.

I normally have time to do all these things – the breakfasting, the Facebooking, the dressing (of myself and my daughter), the condensation wiping and so on… and still have a bit of time to relax, not do very much, have a bit of a conversation with Jo and maybe a cuddle with Talise.

So what’s changed?

There’s too much in my head!

By which I mean to say, it’s the blogging. There’s so much I want to write about these days! Granted, it is rarely immensely fascinating, world-shaking stuff… but it is my stuff! It is stuff that comes into my head, things I notice, thoughts that arise, stuff that I feel the need, the urge, to share, with whoever cares to be its recipient – or if no one, then stuff I feel the need to put into the ethers. Why? Oh let’s not get into that. It’s a writer’s prerogative to not need to explain why he needs to write – suffice to say that I have felt an immense need to write just lately! Or post pics or just make a comment or whatever.

So when I say there is too much in my head just lately, it is sort of a good “too much”… I am bursting to express!

The problem is, I have just now created another blog piece to type up… :/


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