Talking About Mowing the Lawn

There are conversation topics that are interesting, conversation topics that serve a practical purpose and conversation topics that are just conversation topics.

“What is the significance of the socio-economic context of Star Wars?” – interesting.

“What’s the weather forecast this weekend?” – practical.

“Because of all the rain, I haven’t been able to mow my lawn for a couple of months.” – “Me neither.” – pointless and boring.

And yet…

I found myself taking part in just such a conversation with someone t’other day. Well it passed the time. Wait a minute… what? Does time need to be passed? Won’t it pass all by itself without us doing things to pass it? What would Einstein have to say about this? Is the speed of the passing of time relative to the amount of times a lawnmower is mentioned? I think not. So why do we do it? Why do we do things “to pass the time”?

Silence offends us. It is an emptiness that needs to be filled. With lawnmowers. And things. Or else we will all be sucked into the vacuum of an uncut lawn.

(or something)


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