Why the Beauty of Nature is Indicative of the Impossibility of Arguing For or Against the Existence of the Divine

Dandelions – I thought, as I walked through a field of them – or rather their ‘blowflower’ stage, as my little girl calls them. Ingenious!

They aren’t the most ingenious things in nature, but still, you gotta admire their clever little method of spreading their seed. “Clever”? Anthropomorpic. Suggestive of a conscious purpose. And we all know dandelions aren’t conscious. But clever on the part of their creator?

Hmm, now we’re getting to it. They are beautiful. Their method of propogation is beautiful. They and their method of propogation has evolved. The evolution of dandelions and their method of propogation is beautiful. Other flowers are beautiful. And trees and babies and a babbling brook and a woman’s breasts. How can there be so much beauty without a divine force behind their creation? But we have evolved to see these things as beautiful. We are attracted to these things. A bee is attracted to a flower. A bee’s attraction to a flower has a practical and mutually beneficial purpose. There is no intrinsic beauty. Eye of the beholder and all that.

Everything is as it is because it got that way. There is a physical, logical and scientific reason for everything. There is no reason for God to exist.


You could argue that God invented science. God invented the rules, the laws, the practical and logical reasons for everything. Maybe God finds dandelions beautiful (or dandelion-ness), so He created the physical machinery for us (humans, that is) to find them beautiful… ? We are, after all, created in his image. But how can we prove any of this?

Forget trying. You believe in God or you don’t. There is no reason for faith.


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