Shaving the Cheese

It has taken me nearly 40 years to discover. But now I have the knowledge, I am a changed man. The technique of the woods has found me and my life will never be the same again.

Recently at Bishops Wood, on a forest school session with my class, I learnt the method of creating feather sticks. Hold the stick firmly, grasp the knife, find the angle and push.

For as long as I can remember I have liked cheese. Cheese sandwiches, cheese on toast, cheese on a jacket potato. Generally Cheddar, of a medium-strong flavour. For convenience I slice. This is tidier. But I often prefer the texture and flavour of grated. But with grating there is danger – I prefer not to have a garnish of grated knuckles on my jacket – and the mess! I have learned how to clean a grater with a reasonable degree of success, but a couple of swipes of a Spontex is all it takes with a knife.

But then… a couple of days ago… the eureka moment struck…

Two disparate and seemingly unconnected spheres of my life came together in my consciousness…

A synchronistic cognitive merging occurred…

I thought…

Why don’t you try shaving the cheese as you shave the feather stick?

OM – as the say – G!

The texture and meltability of grated with the convenience of sliced!

How have I not discovered this until now?!

Your hand does get a bit messy as you’re grasping the cheese, though…


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