A videogame character with “superior AI”?
A servile robot?
A clone?

How soon will we have to consider the legal rights of machines?

Interestingly when I went to write “machines” on my phone, I mis-keyed and it suggested “Wachowski.”

This sort of thing annoys me…

As far as she knew, she had no rightful place in this ordained world.

This is a thought of Erika Five from Dean Koontz’s Frankenstein series. She was created to be the compliant wife of Victor Frankenstein (aka Helios), but, without going into the details of how, she escaped his thrall. She then commenced living what could, in a nutshell, be called a “good” life.

I know it’s in the fictional context and all that, but surely it’s not about from whence you came, but what kind of life you live now…?

Does a beneficent intelligent supercomputer have a place in Heaven?


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