One For The Journal

I am conditioned. I feel uncomfortable saying, “Good morning,” to passing strangers. I do it anyway. I feel I should. I am a product of my society. No! I am self-aware, but is this enough? Conditioning runs deep. Self-awareness shapes the ripples on the surface of the pond of my consciousness.

“Good morning” (me)
“Good morning” (man with dog)

The exchange is complete, but the awkwardness appears mutual. Or is that a product of my conditioning? Presuming the former…
We both adopted the stance of social politeness… to what end? Who gains? Who benefits?
It felt like the right thing to do. It is how society should be. But if it isn’t, should it be forced? Should it be fought for?
My instincts say yes.
Instincts run deeper than conditioning.
Instincts win.

* Hierarchy of Social Action *
Genetic Heritage


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