Dance of the Tombs

I like to tut.

Tutting is creating shapes with right angles with arms and hands.


It is often combined with body popping.

p2_body popping_2dec12

I first tutted a few weeks ago, when Being Frank came to my school to educate the students in my charge in the ways of Physical Theatre.

p3_BF the cage_2dec12

This comprised streetdance (featuring tutting), parkour, capoeira and so forth.


Simon taught us how to tut.

I rather took to tutting (although I did not know it as such at the time) – such that I was asked to lead the group in sequences in subsequent sessions.

Researches brought its history and definition. Regarding the former, I was surprised to discover ancient origins. It was based on shapes made by figures on Egyptian tombs. Figures who were, it would seem, performing chironomy, being a kind of sign language representing musical notes.

p5_egyptian tutting_2dec12

All of this leads me to speculate as to the possibility that my affinity with tutting arises from a past life as an Egyptian chironomist.

p6_egyptian chironomist_2dec12

Just a thought.


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