thatch - spitting image

My blogger’s duty. Here I stand. This woman who played a big role in my childhood. I… had strong negative feelings for her. As did my father, the teacher. And yet, if you asked me why I felt the way I did, I would be hard-pressed to specify. Aye, I could rattle on about privatisation, messing with the unions, selling council houses and what-have-you, but the truth is that none of these things really had a personal impact upon me. I was a child. She was probably my least favourite woman.

The way she angled her head to one side!
Her handbag!
Her general air of disdain for those who opposed her!

I do recall Ben Elton having a few choice words to say about ‘Thatch’. How strongly were my opinions shaped by the political comedians of the time?

A recent episode of Doctors exemplifies for me what ‘Thatcherism’ did for this country. There was a crazy old-ish woman who had protested at Greenham Common in the 80’s, who had to be convinced she needed to improve her personal hygiene, by the doctors and her sensible career-woman daughter. Because of cause you can’t be an ex-Greenham Common protester and be worthy of consideration in a sensible, well-hygiened society.

Careers are all.
There is no society.
Look out for number one.
The little people should know their place.

You have left your legacy, Thatch.

thatcher - handbag


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