Mundanifying the Movies!

Region of Temperate Climate Gump

forrest gump

Star Scuffle

star wars

Star Amble

star trek spock

Moderately Attractive and the Agitated Man

beauty and the beast

Slightly Worrying Dream on Elm Street

It’s a Reasonably OK Life

it's a wonderful life

Grimy Harold

dirty harry

The Devil Wears Debenhams

the devil wears prada

Raiders of the Lost Linen Basket

raiders of the lost ark

The Empire Returns for Another Slice of Cake

the empire strikes back hoth

Pulp Pamphlet

pulp fiction

Resevoir Puppies

resevoir dogs

School of Easy Listening

school of rock



The Exorcise Bicycle

the exorcist

The Perfect Drizzle

the perfect storm

Monty Python and the Holy Teacup

monty python and the holy grail


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