O Trebuchet

O trebuchet, O trebuchet…
How dost thou fling
The messages I send
And the words that I sing?
With your steel balls of joy
And your boulders of love,
Magnificent missives
Rain down from above.

trebuchet 1

O trebuchet, O trebuchet…
The words they doth fly,
Like sweet saucy dumplings
And custardly pie.
They carom and they splat,
They splat and carom,
Causing mess that cannot
Be cleaned up with a broom.

trebuchet 2

O trebuchet, O trebuchet…
You fill me with awe,
Whether mild slopey font
Or a weapon of war…
Words or big rocks
Or gravel-filled socks…
I’d like one for Christmas…
But what a big box!

trebuchet 3

also posted to ABC Tales…


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