Fussy and Wild


“Art is all about doing what you shouldn’t.”
– Nobuyoshi Araki

FW001_araki tying


Have you seen the Wild Man?

FW002_ron mueck wild man 3

Ironic skull simulacrum…



Next time you are put on hold, spare a thought for the holder… how else can they talk to someone about your problem?

FW004_on hold


FW005_tea bag

Oh how fussy we humans are, with our hoovering and dusting and whatnot.

FW006_clean house good life

Sorty Sunday!

FW007_declutter bookshelf

Why aren’t there more gentle exploring games?

FW008_wii dog island


Define ‘attitude’

FW009_teen attitude

Remember the Pec Pop of Love!

FW010_pec pop of love


The artist Dan Ashton-Booth recommends Restaurant Story…

FW011_restaurant story


Round biscuits in a square box – because that’s how I roll.

FW012_round biscuit square box

I don’t know how anyone can gargle for 30 seconds!
“Rinse your mouth out for 30 seconds.”
Ahh yes.
But still!

FW013_mouthwash gargle

“Do it on your time!” – but when is my time?

FW014_tardis clock

Slowly crunch the Ginger Nut… 🙂

FW015_lady cloud ginger biscuit

Age 13 (or thereabouts), day off sick in bed, read ‘Phantoms’ by Dean R Koontz in a day.

FW016_koontz phantoms


Last night’s dream: a modern version of ‘Pirates of the Caribbean’ – with a message about the (non-)inevitability of fate…

FW017_captain jack iphone


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