“Wake Up!”

neo stops bullets_30oct13

I’ve just finished watching The Matrix for… what… the 6th or 7th time? This might not seem a lot, but to me it is. I don’t do this with movies! I watch them once, then upon 2nd or 3rd viewing they start losing their magic. This hasn’t happened with The Matrix. If anything, its power, its magic, increases – expands, enfolds.

It is kung fu and guns. Yes. It is exciting, energising. It is powerful. Way powerful. It affects me every time. It is hope. Ultimate hope. Hope in the face of… everything.

Everything can be achieved. Belief is the key. There is no spoon.

I know it is not real… well…

That’s the thing. It is… real? Not literally, no I don’t think literally, but not in some week metaphorical sense either. I believe it symbolises/represents some deep metaphor about the ultimate structure/nature/meaning of the universe/reality. I can’t describe why or how… it just… in a sense… feels true…

Wake up! Hoovering now… dissipating…

Time (soon) to ‘Reload’…

morpheus on truck with sword_30oct13


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