Unpublished Works pt2

7 Jan 2006



8 Jan 2006

Why are ‘traditional’-type fantasy stories (with elves, orcs, goblins and the rest) so often set on medieval-type worlds? Why not a twentieth or twenty-first century-type world populated with elves, orcs, goblins and the rest?

UW0202_modern orc

12 Jan 2006

I like putting keys in locks… and folding things… and slicing things that slice nicely – e.g. peppers… and putting things in neat piles… and driving fast and skillfully on a motorbike in Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas.

UW0203_keys to safe

There was no compunction
Behind eyes of unction

‘The Doer of Things’… an intergalactic quest?

13 Jan 2006

The knights of Wormtongue Fendlethwaipe (Snuff, Wobbit and Gerrm) were overwhelmed by the large and ornate structure which suddenly loomed before them.

UW0204_large ornate structure

14 Jan 2006

The Pope uses tropes
In his speeches
About peaches


More smiling,
Less filing.

15 Jan 2006

‘The head of the beast was incongruously humongous!’

UW0205_spider head monster

17 Jan 2006

Profoundly wise dreams please…

UW0206_profoundly wise matrix architect

20 Jan 2006

– rhyme ‘tuba’ with ‘tuber’…

UW0207_tuber tuba

21 Jan 2006

Can you get a rise
Out of the pies?

UW0208_flying pies

22 Jan 2006

The last housemate
To nominate
Is filled with hate
About their fate.



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