There is something about this that gets me – apart from the punctuative complacency. I know they are just saying that if you enrol on a course at Dudley School of Business, they can make you into a “great leader” – but I hate the suggestion that there is no such thing is inborn talent!

Anyone can be what they want to be – isn’t that the message behind this? (and specifically that Dudley School of Business can help you become what you want to be)… Yes I agree… kind of… but can someone who has no natural talent for maths (for example) really hope to become an astrophysicist? Should we encourage such a person to pursue a career with NASA?

People do have inborn talents, which we should endeavor to discover, nurture and encourage to blossom into a joyous and fulfilling vocation. In my opinion.

The poster on the train, advertising Dudley School of Business, sends out an erroneous and misleading message, in the name of getting more enrolees and bringing in more money for the aforementioned institution. Also in my opinion.


PS. It is also typical of an aspect of the modern driven society to focus on “leadership” as such an exalted and desirous ambition… What of the less visible (but equally important and potentially joyous and fulfilling) possible outcomes of an education? I blame Alan Sugar…

Sir Alan Sugar Photocall


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