Behold the Binatone Brick!




By the way

FR003_by the way india


Fresh Meat trio…

“Someone never grew up around live ammunition!”

– Vod

FR004_vod ammo a

“Let’s just fuck it all off and hire a barge!”

– JP

FR005_jp barge

“I’m drowning in a sea of tea.”

– Howard

FR006_howard tea


I find it hard to text when I have just trimmed my nails.

FR007_baby with cell phone

People fall over and graze their knees
And other such catastrophes.

FR008_stick figure ah

“flapping his arms around”

South Africa Obama Mandela

Route 66/DM

FR010_dm r66



FR011_morpheus on the freeway

The tap is rendering the click obsolete.

FR012_click tap

I keep my ground coffee in a Rapunzel box.



Parkour on Monday, dancing on Tuesday.
Tuesday morning achey knees, Wednesday morning fine.
Should I Parkour or dance more?

FR014_parkour disco

The red light in his glasses could have been a reflection of all the evil in the world or of that within. Or just a red light in his glasses.

FR015_orbital satan redeyes


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