Alternative Mr’s and Little Misses

Such an obvious idea really…

‘Alternative Mr Men’

… but I promise I personally thought of all of the following (and wrote stories for the hyperlinked four) before doing the above Bing image search!

Little Miss Obsessive
Mr Psychopath
Little Miss Cannibal
Mr A&E
Little Miss Tourette’s
Mr Incontinent
Little Miss Illegal
Mr Two-Second-Memory
Little Miss Selective Amnesia
Mr Munchausen-by-Proxy
Little Miss Inappropriate
Mr Mysoginist
Little Miss Recovering Alcoholic
Mr Compulsive Gambler
Little Miss Silicon
Mr Git
Little Miss Spiky
Mr Velcro
Little Miss Perv *
Mr Immortal
Little Miss Sensitive
Mr Explosive
Little Miss Windup
Mr Insane
Little Miss Evil
Mr Over-Ambitious
Little Miss Shallow
Mr Philosophical
Little Miss Pedantic
Mr Incompetent
Little Miss Impatient *
Mr Profit
Little Miss Prophet
Mr Resentful
Little Miss Saucy
Mr Flatulent
Little Miss Road Rage
Mr Random
Little Miss Infatuation
Mr Intense
Little Miss Call Centre
Mr Videogame
Little Miss Chav
Mr Stressy
Little Miss Gadget Freak
Mr Gym Freak
Little Miss Vain

* Mr Impatient and Mr Perv make cameo appearances in ‘Little Miss Call Centre’.


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