The Missed Opportunity of Mutual Geekery

LAN, WAN, HAN… What do these terms mean to you? In the arcane world of Computer Science, they stand for Local Area Network, Wide Area Network and Home Area Network. But Star Wars fans amongst you might spot another connection. If I say, ‘-do Calrissian,’ ‘Obi Kenobi’ and ‘Solo,’ are you enlightened? Non-Star Wars fans will herewith remain stumped, so let me elucidate…

There are three characters in the Star Wars universe thus named:

LANdo Calrissian

Obi WAN Kenobi

HAN Solo

… Geddit now?

And yet…

From a brief Googlic perusal, I cannot find any evidence that this connection has been exploited (except in this tenuous link: That’s not to say that it hasn’t, the Internet being big and all, but I would have expected greater prominence. An ‘Obi WAN’ connecting the computers of the offices of Lucasfilm Ltd, for example…? Methinks a mutual geekish opportunity missed!



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