My Political Coordinates


And thus I am labelled. But what does it mean?

A couple of decades or so ago I was a ‘right lefty’ (pardon the pun). I have since veered towards the right. Does this mean I am destined to become a Right Wing Grandad, who decries all foreigners and denies the principles of his youth? I would like to think not. I would like to think that I will ‘end up’ gently circling the Centrepoint of Perfect Balance (because Absolute Perfection is, of course, impossible).

These divisions are… divisive. Between friends, nations, families, religions, any kind of social grouping you can think of. Division causes conflict, which is usually destructive. Shouldn’t we aim to heal, to understand, to tolerate, to compromise? Not to be equal; humanity (and beyond) is beautiful in its variety – but to seek a harmonious mix of political affiliations, races, gender preferences, religions (or lack of), taste in tapas and videogames.

I am tending towards thinking government should be like a parent – or parents – of either or both genders; but whatever the mix, there should be a balance of masculine and feminine, of maternal and paternal attributes. Parenthood is guiding, nurturing, a mix of control and freedom, but not too much of either. Discipline offset with reward, love and firm boundaries. Listening and considering, but asserting where necessary. This is not a perfect analogy – if the nation is the child and the government the parent(s)… well… it could be seen as patronising. But you get the idea!

Which is why I believe in Proportional Representation!


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