Little Sci-Fi Niggles

1. Android Senses… I have just finished watching the final episode of the second season of Humans – which I have enjoyed enormously. I love the issues it has tackled and the way it has tackled them. But I have to ask… why is it that a ‘synth’ (one of the human-like androids in said TV show) can be stood a couple of feet away from another synth, and as long as it is quiet and there is a wall between them, the other synth is totally unaware of its presence? In today’s connected world (which Humans is clearly set in a virtually identical version of), surely it would be a standard feature for any kind of hi-tech, human-like android to be permanently ‘connected’ – to wifi, Bluetooth or some fictional version thereof – and thus have total awareness of its surroundings – in particular, the presence of other synths…?

“My highly advanced senses did not detect that you were behind that broken window!”

2. Sneaking… Related to the above, how is it possible, in any fictional technology-saturated universe, to ‘sneak’? You know, into somewhere important, where there are things worth stealing, like, for example, ooh I dunno, plans for the Death Star. Unless, of course, the ‘sneaker’ has some kind of hi-tech device which counteracts the hi-tech and, one would think, potentially lethal security of said location, thus effectively ‘cloaking’ their presence.

felicity-jones-jyn-erso “Surely the security for the facility that contains the plans for the most advanced super weapon in the universe won’t be that tight?”

(I should note that I am quite a big fan of the Star Wars movies, which non-Wars fans may not have realised I referred to above – but I tend to see said films as a sort of science fiction/fantasy hybrid, wherein nothing can be presumed to be based on real, actual science.)

3. Transparency… On the evidence of uncountable sf movies and TV shows, it would seem that the next revolution in screen technology is transparency. Which, in my opinion, would be just annoying. Excepting, perhaps, reinforced walls/screens in, say, hospitals or prisons, why would you want to see what is behind your screen at the same time as what is on your screen? To me, this is the sort of technological advancement where cleverness supersedes practicality.


“Yay, I can now see all those wires and stuff!”

That’s it for now. I may think of some more later.


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