Defeating Cid!

Non-gamers/Final Fantasy fans… turn away! Or not, if you are in the mood for being baffled by gaming, more specifically role playing gaming, jargon.

Everyone else… I invite you to share in my exaltation! Pertaining to thus…

I have just defeated Cid Raines! Really quickly! And quite easily!


This is the second time I have defeated said boss in the game Final Fantasy XIII. The reason being, that my old PS3 died during the Christmas hols, shortly after I had defeated Cid Raines the first time, and so, upon acquiring a ‘new’ PS3, I have been working at catching up to the point I got to the first time – this being shortly after defeating Cid Raines. During the replay, I have been learning new skills and so forth, taking advise from the nice folk on this forum…

… and developing my own strategies, leading up to what first time round I considered to be the hardest boss in the game… so far.

The first time I defeated Cid, it took me maybe… ooh I dunno… 10-15 minutes? And this was after several failed attempts, interspersed with hours of revisiting earlier areas and battles in order to strengthen my party for the Cid fight. This time round… 2 mins 42 seconds! First time! And with no aerosols! (don’t expect to know what this means if you haven’t played FFXIII) The following screen shots are my proof and the paradigm deck I used:


And for those who are really interested in the nerdy details, here is my strategy:

As I said, no aerosols (where first time round, I used Fortisol & Aegisol before the battle). I started, as I currently do with most medium-hard battles, with Bully. Then once Cid started fighting, I switched to Mystic Tower and worked on getting up that stagger gauge. Switched to Evened Odds when in need of healing, then switched between here & Bully when he was guarding… Back to Mystic Tower… then when staggered, laid on the hurt with Cerberus… and wupped his pointy-shouldered donkey! As it were… in 2m42s!

So there you go.


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