A Response to Anton ‘too many logs’ Wright

The Anton Wright in question is thus:

‘Eden, exposed’

And my response to the above-linked blog post is as follows:

At the time of writing, I haven’t yet seen the final episode of ‘Eden: Paradise Lost’ – but like yourself, Anton, I found episode 4 difficult viewing. As to the suggestion that the social experiment failed, however, that it was ‘ruined’ by ‘selfish and cowardly individuals,’ I have to say that I disagree. I feel for you, Raph, Katie, and others who appear to have been traumatised by the experience, but as to the outcome, the (potential) effect on the viewers, I think we have to see the positive.

The society of Eden was a microcosm. In likelihood, a true, albeit exaggerated, reflection of the wider society. Its darkness, but also its light. In highlighting the darkness of the Eden society – in particular the behaviour of the ‘Valley Boys’ – it served as a warning, a stark exemplar of how not to behave. And by the response on Twitter, overwhelmingly disgusted by the sides of human nature that were brought out, it seems clear that the viewing public are united against the kinds of views and behaviours that were expressed.

And then there’s ‘Too Many Logs’! 😎🤘

I’ll see how it all turned out tonight, then may express further views…

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