“I’ve never voted Tory before but we’ve got to mend our broken society” – Danielle from Brighton

And voting Tory is going to do that, is it? Do people have such short memories? I’ll just say one word…


Do I really need to explain further? Okay, so the Conservative Party is probably not what it used to be; nor for that matter is the Labour Party, nor that other party we won’t mention. However… has society (British society, that is, since that’s what we’re talking about) really become “broken” since the Tories were last in power? That’s not to say that the present Labour government has “fixed” what Thatcher’s Tories “broke,” nor that Thatcher’s Tories are entirely responsible for “breaking” society in the first place… but… are any of our well known British political parties really about to “fix” our “broken” society? I would say not. In fact I would say, in the words of Pinky Dinky Doo from CBeebies’ Pinky Dinky Doo

“It’s time to think big!”

What do I mean by this?

More later!



6 comments on ““I’ve never voted Tory before but we’ve got to mend our broken society” – Danielle from Brighton

  1. Free to think, free to believe... says:

    Well, as Blair wasn’t actually Labour [hence New…] neither was Thatcher a Tory… Oh the irony….

    There’s good evidence to suggest that NewLabour’s ‘Respect’ initiative [otherwise known as ‘How to Criminalise folk we don’t like the look of’] has made British society less trusting and more paranoid with every ratcheted piece of their desire to bring society back into some strange sort of Harmony….

    Totalitarians don’t build society they build States and Brown seems to be more in the mode of the totalitarian – ban this, that and t’other and yes, if someone behaves legally but seems to annoy folk, well we can criminalise them for carrying on doing whatever it is that they do….

    To combat this drift we need to find a libertarian and I’m not sure who fits that bill…

  2. pepsoid says:

    “Libertarian”? I don’t think such a think exists amongst the mainstream British parties…

    So what do you think about this idea that is being bandied about about having a hung parliament at the next election?

  3. Free to think, free to believe... says:

    A hung parliament…. do we have enough rope???

    Well, on the serious side I’d rather have a parliament which realised that so few voted for it that it has to do something to engage properly [and didn’t go for the tabloid approach]… but then Brown and his dictatorial ego may have a better chance with that so I’m torn, really torn…

    To seriously think about a hung parliament – it’s kept students and other threatened groups safer in Scotland because of enforced non-action… but seeing politicians make deals that no-one has voted for – Now That’s Democracy…

  4. Free to think, free to believe... says:

    I have just put a link up which embodies my general thoughts about the election…

  5. pepsoid says:

    Thank you, Free… 😉

    I haven’t looked at the YouTube link yet, but I’ve found the lyrics…


    …which I may post to my blog as a separate entry!

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